Satisfactory - Early Access -

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    Why Early Access?

    Satisfactory is a big and complex game that can be expanded and refined for a very long time and we believe that there is a community of factory builders out in the world that would love to join us to create this beast of a game together. We want to involve players, see how they play and iterate the game based on that. Going Early Access will help us build an awesome factory-building game and help us focus on the right things moving forward.

    Approximately how long will Satisfactory be in Early Access?

    We hope to work on this game for years to come and make something truly special. We are not entirely sure what would qualify as a 1.0 version of Satisfactory, but the game will be in Early Access for at least 1 year, could be longer.

    What is the current state of the Early Access version?

    We’ve reached the point in development where we feel ready to open the game up to the public. There are still a bunch of performance, design and visual issues and the game is far from perfect. Having said that the game is in a state where you can have a lot of fun and enjoy tons of hours of gameplay, single or multiplayer. If you are into building factories and adventure in a vast unexplored world, we think that you are going to like Satisfactory a lot!

    What we are launching with:

    • 6 tiers full of milestones that unlocks machines, resources, equipment and vehicles

    • 3 different starting areas/biomes on a large handcrafted world (30km2)

    • Vehicles with automation capabilities

    • Equipment and weapons

    • Alien creatures

    • Multiplayer (still in a bit funky state but it’s Playable and Fun™)

    How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

    We are planning to at least add the following:

    • The rest of the FICSIT milestones and tiers

    • More machines, resources, vehicles, equipment and weapons

    • Improvements on core gameplay, systems, UI/UX, Quality of Life

    • Iterate on world, exploration, landmarks, rewards and creatures

    • Full narrative

    • More optimization

    • Dedicated server support

    • Mod support

    Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

    We expect the price to increase once we go 1.0, but we don’t know for sure.

    How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

    We’ve been running a closed alpha for months up to this point and have somewhat learned how to balance addressing feedback and introducing new content. We will keep on reading the discussions and talking to our community. We use Discord, our own up-vote forum, in-game bug reports, surveys etc. This process is likely something that we will iterate on as well. We have an experimental branch where we want to push in early content for future stable updates for those who want to opt in and help us test it. You can always follow our updates and progress through our different channels; Website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord.

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    Satisfactory Living Roadmap:

    We have a lot of things we want to do with Satisfactory. Future updates will be a balance of polish, performance-fixes and new features. We have most of the game prototyped in some shape or form, but we want to develop these prototypes further before introducing them to players.

    Early Access Launch - March 19

    The first couple of weeks will focus on patching and hotfixing:

    • Crashes

    • Most annoying bugs

    • Smaller QoL improvements

    Update #1 - End of April

    • Quartz Research Chains

    • Sulfur Research Chains

    • Conveyor Lifts

    Update #2 - End of May

    • Tier 7 (Nuclear and Aluminium)

    • Trains

    • Overhaul late game areas

    Further down the road - TBD

    • Improvements on core gameplay and systems

    • The rest of the FICSIT Milestones and Tech Unlocks

    • More buildings, parts, vehicles and creatures

    • Complete narrative

    • More optimization

    • Dedicated Servers

    • Mod support

    It's important to note that we want the roadmap to be a living thing that can change depending on your feedback and how things progress. When we’ve launched into Early Access and see how all of you play the game we will probably update the roadmap.

    „Menschen mit einer neuen Idee gelten so lange als Spinner, bis sich die Sache durchgesetzt hat.

    Mark Twain


    Review von der Gamestar zum Spiel.

    Fazit des Redakteurs der Gamestar:

    Fazit der Redaktion

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    Florian Zandt


    Man muss schon ein besonderes Faible für effiziente Arbeitsabläufe haben, um sich in Satisfactory wirklich zu Hause zu fühlen, zumindest zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt. Obwohl die Erforschung neuer Technologien und das Erkunden der farbenfrohen und detailreichen Welt ihren Reiz haben, fehlt mir noch das gewisse Etwas, das mich dranbleiben lässt.

    Der Grundstein dafür ist allerdings schon gelegt und meine Neugierde geweckt. Die Mitarbeit an einem mysteriösen Forschungsprogramm, der gigantische Weltalllift und die zahllosen Gerätschaften und Ressourcen, die ich damit in die Atmosphäre jagen soll - warum das alles? Wer oder was steckt hinter dem großen Plan der Ficsit Inc.? Und wie spielen automatisierte Produktionsketten von der Förderung von Eisenerz bis zum Bau eines Allradfahrzeugs dort mit hinein?

    Bis diese Fragen geklärt sind, ist die Early-Access-Version der Aufbausimulation wirklich nur Fließbandfanatikern zu empfehlen, die gerne ins Blaue hinein bauen. Denn viel mehr als das und eine wirklich sehr hübsche Spielwelt hat das Spiel noch nicht zu bieten.

    „Menschen mit einer neuen Idee gelten so lange als Spinner, bis sich die Sache durchgesetzt hat.

    Mark Twain

  • Kommt drauf an, was du mit heute Abend meinst ;). Habe Spätschicht und bin dann immer erst gegen 23.00 Uhr zuhause.

  • UPDATE #1

    Video zum UPDATE


    Staying efficient is one thing, but becoming MORE efficient is the future.

    The factory needs to grow, and seeing all that unused factory space above your factory really grinds our gears.

    CONVEYOR LIFTS Video zu Liften :-)

    Because you need something to do all the lifting for you.

    No more overly complicated, inefficient and messy conveyor belt spirals. Verticality is the new black, so we’ve been working hard on a streamlined, efficient way of transporting goods along the y-axis. They take less space, less effort, and definitely require less overheating from your poor computer.


    For your special exploration needs!

    The new quartz research and milestone chain will open up a bunch more possibilities concerning exploration, and it requires exactly that to be found. Happy hunting!

    EXPLORER Video zum Explorer

    Because you literally won’t stop asking for it!

    To all of you who figured repurposing the tractor to an all-terrain exploration vehicle was a brilliant idea, well, here’s a better idea! An all-terrain exploration vehicle!

    The Explorer is outfitted with cutting edge tire technology that allows it to scale virtually vertical surfaces.

    MAP & RADAR TOWER Video zum Radio Tower und der Karte

    So you can be more efficient while exploring, and stop losing FICSIT property!

    The map will cover the full FICSIT-approved designated zone assigned to you, and will provide an oversight of your immediate surroundings as you explore. If you want to reveal more, that’s where the radar towers come in. Build them high to increase their effective range.


    The new pioneering perfume!

    The new sulfur research and milestone chain will open up a bunch more equipment possibilities, but we can’t transport it directly to you because of safety reasons. So you’ll have to find it on your own. Happy hunting!


    Because sometimes a chainsaw just isn’t enough!

    When you’ve got those fumes spewing out into the perfectly blue sky and you just do not care about trees anymore, and it’s weird boulders with cracks in them that are in the way instead? Look no further! Now you can simply blow anything up if it’s in your way. Or simply because you want to. Or because it suits your aesthetic.

    RIFLE MK1 Video zum tschingtsching tschingtschingtsching tsching

    Because it’s time for the big guns!

    No alien life will survive an encounter with you anymore, not now that you’ve got access to the brand-new actually-intended-to-kill-stuff FICSIT rifle. Cast that inefficient, repurposed engineering tool aside and join the future! Happy hunting!

    „Menschen mit einer neuen Idee gelten so lange als Spinner, bis sich die Sache durchgesetzt hat.

    Mark Twain


    Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.1.11 - Build 99133

    Hello Pioneers!

    The update with Conveyor Lifts, Sulphur and Quartz is now live on Early Access. For the Sulphur and Quartz research to unlock, you will have to find either and pick them up.

    Big thanks to everyone playing the Experimental Build and helping making this update stable! You should be able to continue saves that have been played on the Experimental Build with the Early Access version.

    In addition to the new features, the update includes a bunch of bug fixes, balancing changes, quality of life additions and other changes for you all. As usual, you can find the details to all of those in the patch notes below.


    • Added the Conveyor Lift (currently with placeholder visuals)
      • Rebuild or build a new factory with Mk.1 - 4 of the vertical Conveyor Belt!
    • Added the Quartz Research
      • New Parts and Recipes: Quartz Crystal, Crystal Oscillator
      • Explorer Vehicle: The vehicle currently best suited for traversal
      • Ingame Map: Enjoy revealing the game map via exploration and the Radar Tower
    • Added the Sulfur Research
      • New Parts and Recipes: Sulphur, Black Powder, Explosives, Ammunition
      • Nobelisk Detonator: Blow up trees, bushes, rocks, creatures and friends
      • Rifle Mk.1: An automatic rifle for the purpose of Pioneer safety


    • Added several new alternate Recipes
    • Alternate recipes can no longer be hand crafted
    • Moved all Oil Nodes in the Dune Desert (northeast corner of the map) to the Spire Coast (the coast west of the Dune Desert)
    • Adjusted purity of Oil Nodes in the Desert Canyons east and west of the Northern Forest
    • Fabric recipe now requires Biomass instead of Leaves
    • Fixed the milestone cost of the Alternate Heavy Modular Frame
    • Clearance adjustments for several buildings to fit more snugly
      • Splitter and Merger
      • Smelter, Constructor and Assembler
      • Miners and Oil Pumps
      • A few others
    • Adjusted the cost of the Programmable and Smart Splitter
    • Adjusted the cost of Caterium Milestones 2 and 3
    • Added Alien Organs research after Alien Carapace (making it possible to turn Alien Organs into Medicinal Inhalers)
    • Adjusted the cost of making Medicinal Inhalers (more Mycelia, less Nuts)
    • Greatly increased the amount of parts around Crash Sites for new games
    • Reduced Caterium Ore required to make Caterium Ingots from 4 to 3
    • Reduced the Quickwire cost of Quickwire alternate recipes
    • Increased Power Pole Mk.2 & 3 connections by 1 and 2 respectively
    • Increased the parts cost of some Buildings and Equipment
      • Generators: Fuel Generator, Geothermal Generator
      • Production Buildings: Manufacturer, Miner Mk.2, Oil Pump, Oil Refinery
      • Equipment: Xeno Basher, Jetpack, Gas Mask
    • Tweaked the Rebar Gun damage
    • Increased the duration that a Gas Mask Filter lasts
    • Beacons can now be built in the Manufacturer
    • Power Shards can no longer be used as fuel
    • Conveyor belts max incline bumped from 30 to 35 degrees


    • Fixed rounding of power numbers
    • Some VO message fixes
    • Fixed that sorting the Inventory when in a building menu making the resource pick-up HUD appear
    • Fixed that the Vehicle gas throttle isn’t active while standing still (no more spinning tires when standing still)
    • Fixed playtime showing up wrong in the Load Menu
    • Fixed some Crash Sites that didn’t have costs / rewards
    • Fixed a focus issue to enable players to exit a menu via escape after closing an in-menu popup
    • Fixed that trying to place a Conveyor Belt with a Pole on the seam between two foundations caused a “Floor is too steep” warning (bye bye, sweet meme)
    • Fixed that changing a sound volume, exiting the options menu and going back to apply resets the audio settings
    • Fixed a bug with the cost of Conveyor Belts and Power Lines not updating correctly while building
    • Fixed the Hub upgrade effect to be visible for both client and server
    • Fixed so the Hub upgrade effect doesn’t trigger when joining as client
    • Fixed the duplicate mesh in the Hub Biomass Burners
    • Fixed that the player character and creatures no longer receive projected decals
    • Fixed the Gas Mask sound not triggering after entering Gas for the first time
    • Fixed that players can receive duplicate rewards from the Harddrive Research
    • Fixed that simulated vehicles would consume fuel even when standing still
    • Fixed the bug where inventory size wasn’t updated until the player opened the inventory
    • Fixed the outdated Power Pole descriptions
    • Fixed that messages can now always be skipped via the Enter key (rebinding the chat key changed the skip message key as well before this)
    • Fixed the Stackable Conveyor Pole not aligning with other Conveyor Connections
    • Unpossessed Player Characters that are killed or already dead now spawn Death Crates
    • Generators and Power Poles now show the correct name in their menu (Biomass Burner, Coal Generator, Power Pole Mk.2, etc.)
    • Stackable Poles can no longer be built within each other
    • Hopefully fixed a crash related to Power Lines being saved in a bad state
    • Players don’t move upwards infinitely when flying with the Jetpack and equipping a different body slot equipment anymore
    • Client players can now sort the inventory in various storages
    • Removed Compass Icon of locally controlled vehicle
    • Fixed so that recipes get unlocked if you load a save with prerequisites already met
    • Fixed an invalid Geyser so players can build the Geothermal Generator on it


    • Hub parts are now returned to the player on respawn or passed to other players if possible when their death crate is spawned
    • Implemented additional Hand Slots for Equipment that can be unlocked via Milestones
    • Resource tooltips now show the recipes that are necessary to make them
    • Connecting Conveyor Belts with conflicting directions is no longer possible
    • Reduced download size by approx. 2.5gb
    • Added a cancel/fail sound for dismantling


    • Added power connections to the Hub Biomass Burners
    • Adjusted Hub floor collision so the player can walk onto it without having to jump
    • Renamed Storage Container Mk.2 to Industrial Storage Container
    • Added a second input and output to the Industrial Storage Container (previously Storage Container Mk.2)
    • Updated the visuals of Splitters & Merger
    • Adjusted alignements of Inputs/Outputs on Foundry, Coal Generator, Fuel Generator, Oil Refinery, Constructor, Smelter and Assembler
    • Re-aligned Foundry and Smelters inputs to allow for tighter connections


    • Updated the Truck description
    • Updated the Vehicle Recording point visuals


    • Added a new Cable mesh and texture


    • Added an Experimental label in the main menu and ingame
    • Overhauled the compass icons and functionality
    • Added a set of reticules for the Colour Gun
    • Updated several UI elements to scale better with localised text
    • Updated the Milestone message so that longer milestone names fit
    • Updated the Jetpack HUD box to include a fuel counter
    • Changed production time text in recipes to be more intuitive


    • Adjusted culling distance on Crash Site meshes
    • Fixed some culling distance problems
    • Added sprite last LODs for some assets
    • Optimised the Willowtree asset (used primarily in Northern Forest)
    • Some texture optimisations
    • Reduced distance field distance and the trace distance
    • Adjusted settings on a bunch of assets to save on performance (Disabled Lightmap UVs, reversed index buffer and ADJ buffer)
    • Updated LOD settings, reduced triangle count and improved LOD timings on the Gas Pillars
    • Updated LODs and improved reduction parameters on several resources
    • A bunch of more LOD adjustments on many different assets
    • Disabled ladders ticking on start-up


    • Adjusted and fixed gameplay and resource nodes in several locations
      • Northern Forest Limestone location
      • Red Jungle pathway fixes
      • Terrain fixes in Western Dune Forest
      • Lake Forest jump, path and gameplay fixes
      • Connection tunnel between Grassfields and Rocky Desert
      • Desert Canyon
    • Landscape and visual adjustments in several locations
      • Rocky Desert, Northern Forest, Desert Canyons, Dune Desert, Titan Forest, Red Bamboo Fields, Dune Desert
    • Did a pass over a bunch of foliage interactions (destructible by Vehicles & Chainsaw, pickupable, etc.)
    • Changed the mesh of a small bush used primarily in Grassfields
    • Improved cliff textures and material
    • Boosted the emissive effect on large shell cliffs (primarily used in the Blue Crater)
    • Placed better Gas perimeter indications in several map locations (Gas areas around the map should be easier to see now)
    • Made the Yellow Power Slug more… yellow.


    • Hogs now have a cooldown on their stagger
    • Made the Alpha Hog more aggressive
    • Made a small fix to the Hog panic state
    • Stingers (spider-like creature) now drop Alien Organs
    • Added LODs for the Stinger
    • Expanded the amount of resources Lizard Doggo can find
    • Added new sounds to the Space Giraffe/Tick/Whale/Penguin


    • Added Tiers of research Milestones into the unlock dialogues

    „Menschen mit einer neuen Idee gelten so lange als Spinner, bis sich die Sache durchgesetzt hat.

    Mark Twain

  • Nach 12h PLaytime sieht es aus wie Bochum Mitte :P

    Es macht schon Richtig Spass, aber die Trucks funktionieren immernoch nicht einwandfrei,

    Wenn 2 zusammen Stoßen agieren die wie Flummis

  • die Frage ist wollen wir alle mal zusammen einen starten? oder müssen wir dafür einen server haben? das müssten wir mal klären.

    „Menschen mit einer neuen Idee gelten so lange als Spinner, bis sich die Sache durchgesetzt hat.

    Mark Twain

  • Es hat im mom nur das Matchmaking System, Einer startet das spiel und hat das Savegame, andere können Joinen

    Ich bau gerad ne mega Plattform, das könnten wir ja Nutzen.